Travelling in a group? Check out the best travel options here

For your next holiday, why not choose a group flight? This is an interesting and very advantageous flight option for a group holiday with friends or family. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time. Check out the best travel options here and decide for yourself.

What is the difference between a charter flight and a commercial flight?

A charter flight is an air transport service like Luna Group Charter. It is set up on an ad hoc basis to transport a specific group of passengers. It therefore meets a specific market demand. These flights are operated by aircraft belonging to airlines. However, they are chartered by a tour operator to a specific destination and for a specific period.
In contrast, a commercial flight like British Airways is an air transport service that offers a regular transport service, at fixed times and on scheduled aircraft. They operate all year round and there is no seasonal variation. Commercial flights therefore obtain a regular license.

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Group travel: what are the advantages of booking a charter flight rather than a commercial flight?

Booking a charter flight offers many advantages. First of all, charter companies try in most cases to keep ticket prices as low as possible.
Secondly, charter flights are mostly direct flights. Contrary to popular belief, charter flights are safe. Indeed, an aircraft intended for a charter flight is subject to the same safety rules as a regular flight.
In addition, in a charter flight, the price of the ticket is often fixed, even if at times the charterer may decide to make special offers to fill the aircraft.

How does a charter flight work?

In charter flights, aircraft are rented from companies that have aircraft available for the desired period. The charterers usually replace the first-class seats with rows of lower-class seats. This is done to fill the aircraft to capacity. If not all seats are sold, they can be resold to other tour operators.
In France, for example, charter flights are mainly chartered to certain destinations around the Mediterranean. However, charter aircraft serve all types of destinations depending on demand. The service on board charter flights is minimal and most services are chargeable. Charter flights also give you the opportunity to choose your own flight times and the characteristics of the catering service on board. Charter flights also allow you to travel with more luggage.

How to book a charter flight?

Before booking a charter flight, it is important to find out about the prices for the destination first.
Booking a charter flight is different from booking a commercial flight. So you should know that booking as early as possible does not mean getting a better price. However, it does give you a wider choice of aircraft and better options. You also need to know the number of passengers and the catering service you choose so that you can be sure of the price.
Generally, bookings are made a week or ten days in advance. Most of the time, the dates of these charter flights are almost impossible to change unless you have taken out cancellation insurance.
In addition, flight times are communicated a few days before departure or even 24 hours in advance.

What is the maximum number of passengers allowed on a charter flight?

There is no standard limit of passengers allowed on a charter flight. The number of passengers allowed on a charter flight depends largely on the airline you choose. The larger the aircraft, the more passengers it can hold.
Some airliners can hold between 12 and 50 passengers. Others can hold up to 200, 300 or even 500 seats. Generally, the largest airlines can go up to 583 seats. Clearly, the maximum number of passengers depends on the size of the aircraft you choose.

Are pets allowed on a charter flight?

On many charter flights, pets are now allowed. This means that you are free to take your pets on holiday. What’s more, they can fly in the cabin right next to you.
However, as is the case with some people, flying can be stressful for pets. To prevent these undesirable situations, charters guarantee a safe flight in a calm environment for pets.
Charter flights are therefore the best option for people who wish to travel with their pets.

Finally, if you want better conditions for group travel, charter flights are the ideal choice. All that’s left to do is to prepare your budget and your luggage to enjoy a pleasant and entertaining trip with your loved ones.